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SafetyPro Resin 4.3" Ribbon Ink

Every thermal transfer print job requires a dependable full-resin ink, like our multi-application ribbon. Chemical and scratch resistant, formulated for maximum print quality on all of our SafetyPro materials, including die-cut labels. Create crisp, clean labels with this versatile ink ribbon.

  • 4.3" Ribbon width, for use on all SafetyPro label stock
  • 984' per roll
  • Full resin for maximum durability and label life
  • Chemical, scratch, and UV resistant
  • Rated for indoor or outdoor use
  • Ideal for maximum quality print in all applications, including die-cut materials

If you're looking for bold, edge-to-edge lettering for pipe labeling or large letter printing, our Multi-Application Ribbon is the ideal solution for all tape sizes. Industrial Safety Solutions provides the highest quality industrial labeling products you can find, and are made to last even in the harshest conditions.

Color: Black
Size: 4.3in x 984ft