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SafetyPro Ranger System

The SafetyPro Ranger will reshape the way you view safety labeling! This powerful printer and tablet combination gives you the power to create a variety of vinyl safety labels on the go, gather data in the field, and then print your custom labels instantly. As a leader in safety labeling innovation, ISS has done it again!

Use the SafetyPro Ranger for more than just labeling. The SafetyPro Ranger is a worry-free solution, with pre-installed software, for optimum performance and portability. With the Ranger, you can create custom arc flash, pipe labels, or OSHA signs, instantly. Works with SKM, Etap, and EasyPower, for seamless integration.

The SafetyPro Ranger comes pre-installed with our labeling software suite, and can be operated network free, so you won't need your IT department's help to set it up. Just take it out of the box and start printing.

Because the Ranger runs the latest, full-version of Windows, you'll be able to install and run the applications you need, without OS limitations that you'll encounter with other all-in-one units. You're in charge of your software! You can easily install additional software, as needed.

Please note that the Ranger Tablet, Convertible, or Laptop PC with full Windows OS, may vary based on system availability. Please contact us if you have a specific need.