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SafetyPro Premium Intermediate Sizes Vinyl

Premium quality SafetyPro labeling vinyl, in intermediate sizes. Normal labeling vinyl ships in 1" - 4" sizes. Intermediate sizes include 1.5", 2.5", and 3.5", which are well suited for jobs that don't quite line up with traditional sizes.

The same high quality you have come to expect from SafetyPro Premium Vinyl:

  • 150ft per roll
  • Our premium labeling vinyl is one of the most versatile supplies that we offer.
  • UV rated, chemical resistant, and backed with a permanent adhesive, SafetyPro premium vinyl is made to last.
  • Used for pipe labels, OSHA labels, electrical labels, and more.
  • Intermediate sized to fit your specific labeling requirements and needs.


Size: 1.5"
Color: White