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SafetyPro Non-Slip Floor Tape

Non-slip floor tape from SafetyPro helps mitigate slipping and tripping hazards in the workplace, by increasing traction in areas where you need it most. Widely used on slick floors, ramps, stairs, edges, and other areas where slipping may be a hazard.

Also known as traction tape or non-skid tape, this durable adhesive peel-and-stick tape comes in multiple colors and styles on a removable backing liner, to match your application. Tape should be applied to a clean, dry, paint-free solid surface, and is designed for permanent application and long life. Tape is resistant to water and chemicals after application.

  • Style: Non-Slip / Non-Skid / Traction
  • Type: Standard 60-grit
  • Available Colors: Black, Yellow, and Yellow/Black Striped
  • Size: 2" x 60'

Color: Black